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The Firm

The Firm is an association of chartered accountants specializing in tax, corporate and financial consulting.
The firm’s professionals are geared to finding innovative solutions to client problems, through continuous contact with dynamic businesses such as start-ups, international professional associations, financial and economic research centres, and the academic world. We provide all of this with an emphasis on reliability, confidentiality, and expertise.
The Firm supports the entrepreneur from business start-up through its maturity, providing consulting services on common and uncommon matters, during the growth process whether internal or achieved through acquisitions, taking advantage of those fiscal and financial instruments best suited to the type and size of the enterprise.
Our Professionals assist in the management of significant family assets consisting of real estate, industrial and/or commercial companies, and financial investments, working to coordinate relations with other Italian and foreign consultants, ensuring the utmost confidentiality and reliability. In particular, the Firm has extensive experience in international consulting, assisting many Italian industrial groups in the process of international expansion through the establishment of companies, representative offices and partnerships.
Thanks to our participation in one of the most important networks of international firms, our clients include private individuals and companies, both Italian and foreign as well as multinationals operating in different sectors.

Consulting Areas

We will support you with our experience in the development of your company.


Consulting on direct and indirect taxation, fiscal due diligence, tax planning for companies and individuals. Preparation of official inquiries and tax agreements with tax authorities. Assistance and representation in tax litigation. Preparation of tax returns and their electronic transmission.



International tax planning for companies and individuals. Establishment of foreign holdings, trusts and permanent establishments, assistance in extraordinary cross-border operations.
Consultancy in the correct determination of intragroup transfer prices for goods and services and the preparation of supporting documentation; application of international conventions against double taxation and EU directives in direct and indirect taxation.



Consulting on the operations of companies and corporate bodies. Assistance in the execution of extraordinary transactions. Consulting in the operations of finding sources of financing. Assistance in generational transitions and the preparation of family agreements and trusts. Preparation of legal and voluntary expert appraisals and reports on the adequacy of exchange ratios.



Assistance in the preparation of financial statements and consolidated financial statements, the preparation of financial accounts, budgets, and business plans. Budget analysis and calculation of indices, ratios, and cash flows.
Estimation of business complexes and equity investments. Evaluation of trademarks, goodwill, and other intangibles. Analysis and reorganization of processes. Design and implementation of organizational models of risk management provided for by Legislative Decree no. 231/2001.



Acceptance of positions in on the Board of Auditors of private companies and public bodies, including statutory audits.
Regular and special audits.
Accounting due diligence. Book-keeping assistance.



Assistance in extraordinary corporate finance transactions such as acquisitions, divestitures, transfers, mergers, demergers, transformations, and liquidations relating to companies, corporations and branches of businesses, in Italy and abroad.



In recent years modern and contemporary art is gaining increasing importance in the composition of corporate and family assets. The transfer of works of art and the significant amount of capital involved lead to the need to pay particular attention to the taxation associated with the world of art.


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