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Corporate consulting

02.cons_aziendaleThanks to its solid experience over time, the Firm assists companies in the preparation of their financial statements, both interim and consolidated, assisting in their preparation together with the annexed documentation, in compliance with current legislation, national accounting standards and international standards (IAS/IFRS).

The Firm prepares financial statement analysis and calculation of indices, quotients, and financial flows, providing its clients support in their interpretation. This activity is also directed at companies that belong to corporate groups, both nationally and internationally, through the preparation of appropriate reports relating to the groups in their entirety.

Every client of the Firm is assisted by a dedicated professional, who is in turn supported by other professionals with specific skills, with the possibility of holding meetings and events either at the Firm or at the company headquarters, depending on the specific needs.

The Firm’s activities include:

  • setting-up of accounts and corporate accounting procedures;
  • assistance in keeping the industrial and analytical accounting;
  • support in strategic and business planning processes;
  • establishment of internal audit organizational models;
  • preparation of financial statements and consolidated financial statements in accordance with correct national accounting standards;
  • preparation of financial reports;
  • drafting of budgets and medium-term business plans;
  • preparation of business plans;
  • preparation of specific statements in anticipation of extraordinary transactions or liquidation;
  • provision of assistance to the administrative functions for the extrapolation of data necessary for the preparation of management reports;
  • preparation of interim financial statements;
  • assistance in the transition to IAS-IFRS accounting principles;
  • preparation of the financial statements and consolidated financial statements in accordance with IAS-IFRS principles;
  • conduct of impairment testing, including the establishment and periodic updating of the related procedures;
  • identification of cash generating units and the setting of the supply procedures for the relevant databases.

The Firm organizes conferences dedicated to a large audience composed not only of clients but also of professionals and managers, during which current fiscal, corporate, and financial issues are addressed.