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National taxation


The mission of Studio Zagarese & Associati is to provide tailor-made, timely, and thorough solutions in tax matters, thanks to a well-organized structure and the continuous updating of its professionals. As a policy, the firm gives a special value to the analysis of the individual case and is always attentive to the particular needs of clients.

Studio Zagarese & Associati addresses the taxation of Italian companies and Italian subsidiaries of foreign companies that require customized tax assistance and supports them in ordinary business management activities and in their strategic and organizational decisions.

The Firm is also very attentive to the principles of professional ethics, as well as to national and international regulations, thus ensuring reliable and accurate consulting services. With this in mind, the Firm selects professionals based on their proven experience in the field and their ability to work in teams.

The difficulties in each case are addressed by an interdisciplinary team, composed of professionals with decades of experience in the spheres of accounting, taxation, finance, and corporate law. This team conducts a thorough examination and discussion of the problem in order to develop the best possible solution. The team‘s work is characterized by a particular aptitude for problem-solving.

Our professionals are available for the preparation of annual tax returns related to natural or legal persons, for the calculation of taxes due for the reporting period, as well as for any necessary consultation to comply with any and all tax regulations in force.

The Firm provides consultation in the determination of indirect taxes, supporting the client in the preparation of VAT returns, the implementation of EU and non-EU indirect exchanges, the determination of the correct VAT regime for export-import operations, the compilation of Intrastat declarations, and making the subsequent monthly or quarterly VAT payments.

The Firm also assists its clients in the performance of their declaratory obligations, both annual and interim reports. As authorized intermediaries, the Firm also provides for the telematic submission of forms and declarations to the competent government agencies.

The business areas include:

  • client support during start-up and reorganization phases;
  • the determination of direct taxes;
  • national-worldwide tax consolidation;
  • Group VAT;
  • tax planning for companies and individuals, with an assessment of the different options for special tax regimes;
  • tax consultancy for real estate companies;
  • preparation of opinions concerning the interpretation and application of the national tax law relating to the ordinary business activities;
  • consulting services relating taxation of individual businesses, corporate groups, special tax regimes, non-profit organizations, trusts, generational transitions, and family business agreements;
  • tax-audits;
  • tax and accounting due diligence;
  • consultation regarding taxation of fringe benefits;
  • management of relations with local authorities;
  • calculation of local taxes;
  • preparation and electronic submission of F24 payment forms;
  • preparation of corporate circulars and in-company training activities;
  • direct and indirect e-commerce;
  • patent box tax regimes;
  • tax credit for R&D activities;
  • preparation of official inquiries for the Revenue Office to clarify a point of tax law or a particular situation;
  • assistance during tax audits and before tax authorities;
  • examination of tax authorities’ reports on a tax audit and formal notices of assessment;
  • preparation and analysis of tax assessments with settlement;
  • evaluation and preparation of judicial settlements even following claim – mediation procedures;
  • assistance in the pre-litigation stage and examination of criminal-tax issues;
  • assistance and representation in tax litigation in the different courts;


With respect to fiscal and tax obligations in foreign countries, the Firm collaborates with accredited professionals in the international network to which it belongs.

We assist companies in national and international groups in the preparation of the reports required at group level.