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Corporate law

05.societThe Firm provides consulting services for the establishment of companies as well as for the ordinary and extraordinary activities carried out by companies. In particular, the services include:

  • assistance in choosing the legal form, the preparation of the articles of association, and the execution of the procedures necessary for the creation of the company pursuant to the current regulations. The services also include all the ancillary support of other professionals, such as notaries and lawyers;
  • preparation and electronic submission of information to the Revenue Office, the relevant Register of Companies, and social security agencies;
  • collaboration for the proper maintenance of the accounting and corporate books;
  • consultation regarding the operation of the corporate bodies;
  • consultation regarding obtaining financing, including relationships with leading financial institutions;
  • provision of optional and legal expert valuations;
  • evaluation of business complexes and equity investments;
  • estimate of the value of trademarks, goodwill, and other intangible assets;
  • determination of share exchange ratios;
  • consultation regarding the transfer of shares;
  • sale and acquisition of companies;
  • voluntary liquidation of companies;
  • mini-bonds issuance;
  • assistance in the various stages of commercial and corporate litigation.

The Firm also provides guidance to innovative start-ups and innovative micro-enterprises during the initial set-up and implementation of their business.

The Firm also provides advice regarding the structuring of corporate groups, assisting them in the legal management of intragroup transactions, and the preparation of articles of association and shareholders’ agreements.

The Firm monitors the tax and criminal risks in business management, and prepares and implements models to prevent violations also with regard to the provisions of Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 [Administrative liability of entities for crimes].